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Eaglecrest Ski Lodge Wedding


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August 3, 2018


It rained and poured on their day… but that didn’t dampen the mood for these two!! Their wedding day was gorgeous as we were surrounded by the beauty of the Alaska greens and mountains.

Kelli and Robert’s love story is one for the books and I am so excited to share!!

Their story started in high school and since that first track season together, they started the journey that would soon lead to this day. When Robert was ready for propose, he wanted to make sure he did it in a way that captured their story and he did just that. Robert sent Kelli on a scavenger hunt with her best friend around Juneau to all the significant places they shared throughout their relationship. The scavenger hunt ended at Skaters Cabin where a new memory was created, the memory of the proposal.

On their wedding day, I noticed that each detail represented parts of their lives together and what their life would bring in the future. From the Harry Potter bouquet and novels to the custom grooms cake. Kelli made sure to plan and bring to life a vision of their story. It was truly beautiful and now you get you see for yourself!



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