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What is better than a beautiful night for engagements? When the engagement session happens on your own private property. When K + B suggested coming to their home to capture their session before their wedding this fall, I couldn’t say yes faster. Photographing on land that means something to you, on land that you look out over every day and that brings you peace? Sign me up in a heartbeat. Plus it meant that their fur babies could also be a part of the process which is always a big yes for me.

K + B were an absolute joy to capture – as we chatted about the outdoors, mutual experiences in Alaska, and all the details of their big day. I promptly asked if I could move in after seeing their property and after looking at these photos – you will understand why. I love my couples and I felt absolutely honored to not only capture these moments but to do it at their home.

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how to choose outfits

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Download a free snippet of our style guide section featured in our Portrait Session guide!




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